Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and others things part 2 of 3

Best design object


Despite it need more than just a quick walk trough before assign an “award” my special one goes to this long chair with grass. Unlike many new ideas that pick easy the walker’s attention but are not clearly producing anything else than a funny interaction, this chair has to do with the real world.

It sprinkles happiness, and genial disposition to the place where it might end up.

I can see it bought from local municipalities in order to embellish their squares, maybe for just a season or a special occurrence but it will work, creating a different atmosphere , for instance in a urban high-dense area.

A commercial lounge lacking an outdoor would lovely buy it for another feasible utilization. My best wishes of succeed to Fujimura design studio.

Best box office idea

Some discount are available at the desk. If you bring your children they halve your price for instance. If you walk in dressed to suit for Halloween party also there a 500yen discount, which is nice to get to see some people strolling like those 3 girls here.




Never thought about it, it would be nice to have a wood made keyboard for my laptop! These French did it.



Although I did not spent time on it, I found it so interesting…a god worshipping kit for future Thai-chinese generation (forgive my ignorance, they might be probably Taiwanese).

Technically overwhelming


It’s not the coloured 3D printer that caught my attention but more this future electric bicycle with a really striking design, thanks to the Japanese Toyo Institute of Art & Design which I commend to take in great consideration if you would like to start to work in this field.


Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and other things – part 1 of 4


The new Olympic stadium is planned to be built close to this Area which is now the chosen site for the annual Tokyo Design Week, a fair that showcases the best innovative ideas from the young designers and architects around the world (of course the majority of them are Japanese). It opened the 26th and it runs for 10 days until November.

In the long field, behind the features of the exhibition, a dome is visible, it is the Meji memorial Gallery. That is probably the most important building to whom the Hadid’s project lacked to defer, Maki and peers claimed, but it is the only one. Here some pictures at googles maps will let you observe it better and a nice map a panoramio. All the surroundings others are for sports practicers.

On the other hand this post is about the Design week thus will leave the Olympic buzz for a while.

About the exhibition project’s plan.

My wife liked a lot this year version compared to the last year’s one, I am not agree since last year there was more outdoor chaos, with a green meadow where on-goers could  eat their bento (ownself preparesd food boxes) which always turn me on, as an old fashion’s fan for pic-nic, BBQ and other fresh air sort of meal’s digestive ways. She could not explained why she liked, and She only said something about the better disposition. I liked the central double sphere, with the pink inside, as well the not-smoking area compared with the smoking one which was a sponsored pavillion, designed by the cutting edge designer Tanigiri,

here a shot.

IMGP9275My son’s favorite game:

Without any doubts the prize has won by this undefined space set by those long white stripes , so light they literally fall as water like in a shower.



Why  is useful to attend this exhibition?

Because if you’d like to choose where to study design, and you want to. Here it is easy, you walk throughot the exhibition the whole day and then you find the approach that suites better your interest, and I am sure that would be the best choice one could ever doing..

Why  is entertaining to attend this exhibition?

Well in this case, you want to go there during the evenings, I noticed that from 5 pm people started to be enter more in the mood of enjoying the nights, make friends, eye contacts where frequent and all sort of

good vibrations a young would expect from it. Concerts and clubs space are several, there is a program and so on.

A final note: last year there were an exposition of models by well-known Japanese architects…it was interesting but I am glad they didn’t repeat the experience.

Resizing the Project of the Olympic Stadium by Z.Hadid

THe new was on the Washington Post (recently acquired by the web’s start owner of amazon (jeff bezos), the article says the’re going to re-size the project.

Junji Shirai (順次白井) add an interesting comment to the post at the blog called archdaily about the protest of Japanese architects against the Hadid’s project here below.

Whether or not the cutting will be effected, it is a big issue, I would say an evergreen one. Thanks to J.S. we know that

Mr.Ando (Tadao, the one who is already in all the Architect’s contemporary history handbooks in the world) was the president of the jury that sanctioned the winner of the competition for the new Olympic stadium.

We know also that it is supposed to be built in the historical place called Gaien, and Maki has organized the symposium “Re-thinking the New National Olympic Stadium in the historical context of Gaien,”

to dissipate any doubts about the insane choice to proceed further.

I am only surprised that they chose this place. It is a sport’s center plenty already of activities and today (the 26th), they just started the Design Week, to where I am willing to go.

I thought they might build it somewhere in Odaiba which is a new Area (Tokyo big sight and so on) that would a percet spot for a giantic stadium.

Here another shot from the same article. Check them out, there are more, the one of the spectators’ entrance is really impressive, like they’re entering in a Space Ship!

zaha-hadid-s-2020-olympic-stadium_4-530x287Interesting see what they wrote in the ESPNscrum, one year before, when the Rugby League was happy for the  already projected renovation.

New Olympic stadium, Zaha Hadid

It is a controversial project, strongly opposed by some Japanese architects (it seems they’re leaded by F.Maki). I guess from now on, we’re going to meet more news about the same subject. I bet you’ve already seen it but I couldn’t miss it, it is too gorgeous!

Here a rendering shot fromthe vimeo video :

below the link to the video presentation by the Pritzker winning architect mrs. Hadid.

Japan New National Stadium from Zaha Hadid Architects on Vimeo.

a bit Off Topic.

Here I found some of the best shots of Tokyo’s architecture. Please check them out, they’re really amazing!

Shiba koen front Tower , Matsuda Hirada 松田 平田 and Takenaka Corporation 竹中 会社

Posting picture of “just a tower”, especially if it is projected by a Corporation instead of an architecture’s firm, it could be perceived as off topic. I don’t care. Since I walk though the streets of Tokyo and when I find something well done – it doesn’t matter if it’s not an original idea – it deserves my attention. Or maybe it deserves for other reasons I would point out. It is the case of this subject. IMGP8947 There was this overhang about 20 floors, (total floors are 24) that you can see just in fore. I thought it was spectacular. It appeared to be a brand new building, fully empty, waiting for his reopening within days. this link says it has been built in 2010, this one provides you a floor plan, this one says they started in 2008. and the supervisor was the office of Matsuda Hirada (I guess we already met them). So I guess I was wrong…an architect’s office did it. here the link to the landlors or lenders.

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Sumitomo fudosan shiba koen tower II 住友不動産芝公園タワー ラ・トゥ-ル芝公園Ⅱ Obayashi architects.


thanks to a job interview I visited another site of Tokyo, near Hamamatsuchou station.

I have seen many interesting thins, but I wasn’t able to shot nice photographs of all of them. Let’s start with this elegant  skyscraper, yet they called it tower.

Here the link to the Architect’s company (Obayashi) where –  what a coincidence – it happened I was been interviewed this Summer for a job position, using Revit architecture.

Since I don’t have such experience in projecting skyscrapers and tall buildings, they declined my profile. ( I guess it would be hard for any Italian then…)

a note, since we’re approaching an event, I think i would attend. I post here the link for Tokyo Design Week. It starts October the 26th until 31st.

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renovation at Louis Vuitton flagship store in Ginza, by Jun Aoki 銀座、順 青木

This time I was on the top! It has been re-opened just few weeks ago. It’s not my aim to follow strictly the new things, but I like it when it happens, like the post on the new fantastic building in Omotesando recently. This is just a renovation of facade, that I guess it is due by the Japanese law every so years (10 or 15). Every building in Tokyo must accomplish the rule I heard, but I don’t know the details and where it is written. A Japanese architect should know it. The picture below was a wedding’s photo set along the streets of Ginza, I guess their beauty comes first… IMGP8909 then comes LV’s renovation, by Jun Aoki (here his official web site) I hope to find the pictures I shot at the previous coating soon to make a swift comparison. IMGP8873 A link to the shop inauguration on September the 13th. and this is the link from a blog that has nice night shots I advice you to check out. There you can see the light effects I couldn’t since I was there during the day. The coating is maden by metal pieces all different that realize an original frieze. A bit on the baroque side for those 3d effects, and maybe it is in the current trend to foster new complicate design instead of the long welcomed austere maxim “less is more”. This is not the case. Ginza, during Sundays, is a no-traffic zone, thus one can imagine how many people are there! Even weddings! It’s a kind of Sunday party every Sunday.

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I found at this wikiaddress the previous coating, which I recalled it as marvelous, on the web.


Last another shot of the maidens meanwhile they were leaving!