This is a blog I have considered to write since I came here, looking all over the city for great Architecture first, then japanese gardens and more.

I am 45 years old this 2013. I have been working 10 years in the Building Construction field as site manager, safety coordinator, and other job positions.  From 2007 to 2011 I was on my own.

After my national exam to obtain the license to project in Italy I did just one interior project. Then I closed my business (indipendent little office) and came to Japan, where I have started to plunge myself into the language task.

Regarding the blog`s copyright…

Nel dettaglio, ho scelto la Creative Commons Attribuzione-Non commerciale-Non opere derivate 2.5 Italia License.

Significa che puoi riprodurre tutte le cose mie, a patto che

  • citi questo blog (e ci mancherebbe),
  • non lo fai per farci denaro (ma se ci riesci, poi, mi spieghi come hai fatto),
  • non modifichi il contenuto (ma se correggi errori ortografici o grammaticali non mi offendo)
  • e condividi con la stessa licenza (anche se lo fai a fini di dileggio).

I simboli che spiegano il tutto sono questi

Creative Commons License


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello ! very interesting blog.
    We are doing a project on Tokyo architecture and we would like to share and talk about it.
    How can we contact you ?

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