Cuisine de Haruno, Omotesando backyards

IMGP8758I could not find any architectural reference to this design, it must be somehow old (in Italy I would say 70`s) but here in Japan I cannot really gauge how old it might be.

Anyway it has an interesting approach yet still contemporary.

see the gallery below for the reinforced concrete bars used as ornament.

The street is plenty of fascinating shops. check it out, one of the best Omotesando alleys in Tokyo.

Here the link to the exact position of the Restaurant.

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Italian Embassy by Murata MusashiShin 村田政真氏, 1963.


There is also a nice japanese garden where, during Easter`day, my son and other Italian childs played and enjoyed the party.

Other picture here from this blog.

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Kasai Rinnkai Park view point visitors center Yoshio taniguchi 谷口 吉生 葛西臨海公園

Kasai Rinnkai Park view point

It is something merely poetic.

I don’t know if mr Taniguchi has to thank the genius loci or it’s about his attitude however the result it is undoubtedly gorgeous.

It has been finished in 1995. It is 75 metres long x 7 metres large. 11 metres high.

The structure function is a sort of framing the sea, and give importance to the view, wich I believe is something inherent to japanese tradition. That is why something like that astonishes foreigners like me who appreciate the japanese tradition and their linking to our contemporary world more than its opposites.

The park itself contains another admirable architectural structure, which is the acquarium we did not enter this time.

The website of the architect studio reveal to me, he is very good (what  about the renovation of MOMA of new York?) even if he wasn’t included in the book about 24 japanese architects I mentioned previously in this blog. Maybe becaouse his studio address says Austin, Texas.

Anyway we spent a beatiful Sunday over there, in the kasai Rinkai Park, which is not far from Disneyland Tokyo Resort and all of its “fantasy world”. The sea was in front of Us with the wind, my son was running in the grass on the hill slide.

Here some other pictures of this wonderful and rare place in Tokyo.

Every now and then we go to this park. Last time I took more pictures from inside this “Belvedere” and I added to this Gallery below, that`s why I reblogged this post after the first publishing back in 2013.

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HOUSE by A.L.X. Architect , previously thought as a disciple of Makoto Sei Watanabe (渡辺誠)

Ken Lee corrected the Architect so I reblog this.

cosmonauti a tokyo

I was going for a walk in a suburban area of Itabashi-ku,

where  is located a famous temple with a giant buddha. I was struck from the design of this house.

I did not know who was the architect. It reminded me some of the works of a powerful and unique architect called Makoto Sei Watanabe (here is the wikipedia voice with a lists of works )


Thanks to a Reader , precisely Mr.Lee, who indicated the right architect, I can

update this post.

Here is the architect Official website . This label has some other exquisites projects and it seems going well with the trendy renovations

thus I will suggest to check their new works there.,139.63975&spn=0.003952,0.021136&ctz=-540&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=35.781669,139.63974&panoid=Coj4go4AzzN8Y2NjsSjTrA&cbp=11,270,,0,0

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koh gen do, beauty salon by an unidentified architect, help me to track it!

IMGP0706This building was standing above his neighbours by its design and in particular for a light, but rather significant choice.

See those red horizontal semi trasparent cut in the windows? They were beautiful. I love them and I loved them more as on the way to the Italian Embassy I was reading the Japan News by the Yomiuri Shimbun, commenting on the inadequate hue of a bridge in Tokyo. It seems that the japanese average man expects the city to be all grey and any other colours would annoying him. This is quite a sickness. The paper was reporting a sort of petition to change the color of a bridge between the cities of Taito and …since it is Red. Wow, such an insult! The paper was reporting even the hisotorical reason of such a disrespectful choice for an average tokyo`s citizen.


SO enjoy this palace.



HEre their official website.

Here an interesting link to a special issue by JABS dedicated to the situation of graduate education in Japan.