Yokohama, idea from 1965 Virginia to 1993, Japan…Hugh Stabbins and Associate

IMG-20170423-WA0008despite being 24 years old, this Yokohama district located Minato Mirai Mall rocks.


House Vision 2016

I went yesterday, Saturday, the 27th to this wonderful exhibition.

Here some links of video I shot.

It closed on Sunday August 28th.


House nr. 9,here. Nippon Design Center, for Toppan Printing.


House nr. 1, here. Fumie Shibata for Yamato Holdings.


House nr.8, here. K.Kuma, Seijun Nishihata for Sumitomo Forestry.


The winner is, Jun Iagarashi and Taihi Fujimori with their Inside Out/Furniture room.

Really lovely, above all the others.  House nr.10,  here. for TOTO and YKK AP


IN total there were 12 houses, but not all of them were houses, like 8 and 11, were outdoor

places. nr4. an Office space by Bow Wow.

There is a book already onliune if you`d like to have everything collected. I bought it as a present to a friend in Italy.

Last, I think Kuma, with designing the whole exhibition and 3 years before the House vision 1, first gathering must be considered a leading figure into this productive, architectural environment.

(Also you can see other old posts on this blog about that exibihition, 1,        2,        3,       4,        5, )

So I will put a link to an interesting introduction to his japanese theory book, called defeated architecture, of a blogger also that seems to be one of his

teammates at the studio or just one of his student I do not know really. Here, His ore her name is Zhue, and the article is dated back 2009.

AOYAMA (青山) does speak British? McCartney Stella store by Takenaka Corporation


From this interesting link , where different projects are ranked, I discovered that the Design is from Takenaka corporation. It is named also a cooperation with the McCartney store planning Office for the interior. They were wise enough to accept a Japanase firm to sing their exterior.

The dseignof Takenaka  might be a spin off of their previous creative successes, but it still playing well with such wild antagonists (Miu Miu and Prada, read Herzog & De Meuron-)

From the web, it seems during nights it even looks more interesting that during daytime.

IN the same day where we enjoyed the new store of Miu Miu, we discovered many stores that has british brands, taht were not there before. I guess it was a positive effect of the London Olympics, and in general of the increased access to English Schools all over the country. Aoyama is the end of Omotesando, so it is quite the same neigbourhour but it has some up class notes here and there. Like for instance if you, one day want to buy a Bugatti, you have to go up there.

Or there is a Noh Theatre space just few steps from this McCartney store. It has performances only once every month on fridays evenings….so there is also the jazz club, called Blue Note if I am not mistaking the name….and so and so…


Aoyama Store

Aoyama Store


Mitsukoshi, at Nihon Bashi an old Department Store, by Yokogawa Architects & Engineers


So this time is not about the contemporay and probably not all I am writing is totally correct.

We enter this big, well aged building and I wanted to take pictures of every detail.

So I found this historic company of architects, which works also for foreign countries as well (Kenya). Here is their enchanting website with pictures of the building back in 1914!!! It was the first department store in Japan,

The escalator made his debut in Japan with this Department.

It is a place where the upper class goes to shopping, that is what I have been told…and it is what it looks like. The tenin…es, are just amazing …it is beautiful all a round.

Time out link

the heart of Nihonbashi here

main store.


A special normal day in Tokyo. The day of Suntory Hall open to everybody, 30th anniversary.

This Hall (Official web page)is somehow a legend among musicians…since Von Karajan took his role in promoting and even designing it after the berlin hall.  The design process was by Yasui Architects (official web site). It was my first time. I was very excited. The web is plenty of pictures and reviews. Suntory is a huge beverage brand.

Let the video speaks. It was the Sakura Weekend, a special normal day.

Video 1 Arriving

The liine for the free concert on the small Venue

Video 2

The lobby


Video 3, in the hallway,


Video 4

This day children were allowed to enter. Normally under 7 years they cannot, and it is not difficult to understand the reasons, for a place dedicated to classic music.

This day was an amazing concert of cries and laughs, still plentyful of joy. The beauty of the families all together happy to enter for free in such a “Holy” place and listen the real orchestra was overwhelming and undermining the place itself.


new building is to open in Omotesando, by Mitsubishi Jishyou Sekkei, by 2017

20160312_163108It is interesting, since the Mitsubishi Company is the fifth bigger of Japan, according to archdaily ranking、and it is not precisely on the front row of Omotesando street, unless I mistakenly. That is why I am curious to see what they put up on this underlining beauty contest competion that is this street.

20160312_163057From my weak understanding of japanese, it is going to be a 30 metres tall building, with a floor base of 241mq, for a total built surface of 13805. I will be happy if somebody can read better than me and post a comment to correct my guess.

Miu Miu, Miyuki Street (Omotesando), by Herzog de Meuron

20160312_170000My wife asked me: but what is it?

After waking around, help me taking some pictures she could not see the sense of the whole design. That is why I have chosen this shot. I imagine you have already seen the pictures of this new shop for Miu Miu, which is a brand for costume jewelry handbags, shoes and whatever women desire.

When the shop opened, probably late 2015, pictures were bouncing on the web like ping pong balls. They have a very good Public Relation Office indeed.

In case you missed here the exact spot on google maps, already, visible.

To me it is something like a giant handbag, that is why the exterior front facade is just one piece, like a folding part of any bag. The interior skin is unique, like the leather, a vintage , a brocade archdaily call it. To those who are not familiar with the Tokyo inner topography, it is worth notice that the store is just in front of the Prada, from the same designer and belonging to the same owner.

Also Takenaka Corporation is confirming itself as a leader when it comes to build sophisticated projects.

Dezeen also wrote about it.

Design Boom also, il Sole24OreArchitect magazineWallpaper, urdesign,

the most interesting post is from the London design journal as it has some contest and original observation about it.

I feel like this post is redundant to the whole world wide web. My shot is not needed my words neither, perdon me I was just walking there going towar the Nezu museum which I found closing at 17.30…next time.

The official architecture firm web site.