Kasumigaseki skyscraper, first high raise building in Tokyo, by Kajima Company ( Kaku Morin )郭茂林

IMGP0899going toward Toranomn Hills, we encountered this old friend, still wanderful, classy stone and glass giant.

There is a link in English that explains his history that started back in 1968. 156 metres tall. for 36 floors above the ground.

The company Kajima was founded in 1840 and it still lives today. I found also that Kaku Mori (郭茂林) had a relevant role inside the company during the realisation of the project which took only three years according to this website.

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Toranomon Hills,new skyscraper by Mori、Obayashi (大林組) 2 of 2

IMGP1076this time a little tour of the garden and the interior. Sometimes I`ve got distracted somehow…

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Toranomon Hills,new skyscraper by Mori、Obayashi (大林組) 1 of 2


IMGP0987This was the last new on national television about a new remarking skyscraper by the billionaire Mori (the one who raised Roppongi Hills).

Here the interesting blog in japanese, abuout the history of the investiments and describe the interlink with the below road that pass inside the tunnel.


We coud not take the elevator tothe topfloor bar. It was crowded, many visitors. Despite that, we ate in a good oriental caffe, adn admire the interior of the main entrance.

There are an Hotel, a Residential part and a Hal part with some venues, I do not know how many and how big yet.


Here a video from the main entrance trhough the Garden pathway.

More pictures in the gallery  below. Some pictures are from the annex, which is a 3 storeys restaurant, kaiser from paris I guess.


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Gyre by MDRV Architects (Amsterdam), Omotesando, a turning building, 2007.

architect, Tokyo, MDRDV,

architect, Tokyo, MDRDV,

The opportunity to seat outside enjoying a nice atmosphere are tipically appreciated by the majority of Europeans, thus I am really happy to pubblish this post since I discovered that the project come from a dutch firm (here the link to their website, folgorating I was saying).

The building is full of great shops I put here below in the gallery. The one with all doors, the MOMA store, and so on. They are also cozy restaurants and it is located in front of the ever mentioned Omotesando hills.

The name of the building is a dutch word means, gyre, which means vortex or turning and it make sense considering the outside shape

In this link more pictures. The original name of the founders made up the studio name (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries). A video in english sport their approach within the current activity all around the world. You would not regret to spend 5 minutes for watching it.


…the gallery

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Tokyo Solamachi Mall, Skytree foot, Nikken Sekkei,



It is a Mall at the foot of the SkyTree where we did not go. Nikken Sekkei should be the main Firm who designed, and it is one of the biggest companies in the world, maybe the first in Japan in terms of weight and largeness. Despite that I doubt they did the whole thing by themselves…

We went there because there was an exhibition for children and the Sunday weather forecast was rain. The exhibition was fun, the brasilian guy, Jamse, was riding the tinest bicicle in the world!!! Which is not the one in the picture below…so guess…


The inside mall was on different levels with a nice food court where One can watch the below food market. Bricks and wood were assembled together in a very interesting manner.

IMGP0805 IMGP0829


Here an article from online guide.

Here below some more shots.

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