Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and other things – part 4 – spin off

This blog was intended to portrait the beauty of the Architecture of Tokyo, and some others beauties as long I can humbly comprehend them.

I should change the title by now, since I am also interested in some mundane issues time after time.

Here I uploaded some shots of the Design Week in order to let the far readers get the whole feeling of this young and energetic expression of creativity in this otherwise claustrophobic metropolis!

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Outdoor activities were almost designed to play with kids and for kids.

Inside space were basically collecting awards from all over the world of design, some were just projects, some were real objects.

Few brands were presenting product in luxury expositions, Toto, Sesuiki house, Lexus, Toshiba, Docomo…There was also a kind of stand for private designers who were showing their products, most of them were little pieces. Some of them very nice. I wish all my luck to those from country such Bangladesh, India, and Israel, Thailand who were presenting their ideas here in Tokyo! It is a long way, keep going!


Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and other things part 3 of 4

as final chapter I will underline some thoughts and few important features of this exhibition.

The DoCoMo experience in this video, I bet you’re going to find more than this one in a week.

thinking childishly it was worth going there. My son really loved this game:

IMGP9281The morning entertainment in this video

and others, we spent several hours outside in the sunny day until 16.30 the weather was hot enough.

Here is a video of the “smoking” stix pavilion experience.

Some high tech points I need to remark.

The DoComo experience, was entertaining lot of people, since A line was formed and we were a bit tired I passed.

The Spain Tapas design pavilion was absolutely awesome. I don’t have any pictures, my battery were discharged already at that time!

Although they weren’t ready for the opening of Sunday morning, probably due to the typhoon which was crossing the Tokyo’s district the day before (Japanese not ready for something is really surprises an Italian!!!) the Fair was enjoyable and plenty of bright ideas!

I was struck also from some Chinese designers and South Korea ones alike!
A Singapore one you can barely appreciate from this shot, but it was nice. He/she wanted to create the meteorite effect, it seems a bit a ’70 disco atmosphere though, maybe that’s why I liked.


Even If I don’t have pictures to show you there were many school who sported great ideas and successful draws over there, congratulations!

I shot also an imaginitive idea from Disguincio & Co (.Mirko Daneluzzo e Mirco Bianchini), a kind of ideal solution to mitigate the impact of every construction into the environment. Impressed. They

have already made their imprint here in Asia in a public library competition in South Korea . I guess that’s why they were chose for this Awards exhibition, under30.

An Australian urban building well presented here by a terrific designer Mr. Jas Johnston from Melbourne who has already presented his researches all around the world.

IMGP9286Last I kept mr Akihisa Hirata  (a Osaka born, but Tokyo based, Architect already winner at La biennale di Venezia 2012 ) and his design for Lexus pavilion already presented in Italy at il Salone 2013 work called Amazing Flow. Surely better pictures can bey found on the web!