Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and other things – part 4 – spin off

This blog was intended to portrait the beauty of the Architecture of Tokyo, and some others beauties as long I can humbly comprehend them.

I should change the title by now, since I am also interested in some mundane issues time after time.

Here I uploaded some shots of the Design Week in order to let the far readers get the whole feeling of this young and energetic expression of creativity in this otherwise claustrophobic metropolis!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Outdoor activities were almost designed to play with kids and for kids.

Inside space were basically collecting awards from all over the world of design, some were just projects, some were real objects.

Few brands were presenting product in luxury expositions, Toto, Sesuiki house, Lexus, Toshiba, Docomo…There was also a kind of stand for private designers who were showing their products, most of them were little pieces. Some of them very nice. I wish all my luck to those from country such Bangladesh, India, and Israel, Thailand who were presenting their ideas here in Tokyo! It is a long way, keep going!


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