LALAPORT Toyosu, Laguarda Low Architects


Above the street you have to cross to reach the mall, unless you walk over there at the second floor or you have a car.

We went by Metro, there after I found the description of this Mall in the book called, Shopping Paradise, Hong Kong, 2011, Senod Points Publisher Lin Gengli, LOHAS (Lifestyle of Healty and Sustainability)

Here the link to the architects, a multicultural firm based in New York I guess.

First of all, the good thing is the position near the docks, between Tokyo and Odaiba. Indeed we took the boat to go to Odaiba after our Mall`e xperience.

The desing is recalling the boat style in the main shape of the building. It is a great place for children. A crane stands as Museum near the dock.

IMGP0358Some features you may find through the pictures in the below Gallery, or you may want to check this other link about the project itself.

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Fuji TV building, (FCG ビル) by K.Tange Architects

IMGP0009It is a very famous building, located in Odaiba flamboyantly signed by Kenzo Tange back in 1993, the japanese wiki voice says so 8completed in 1997.

It is the main site for a TV Channel called Fuii TV. At the moment they`re advertising a lot the manga called One Piece. ,Years ago in Italy I sometimes watched it ,  it was memorable.

There is a sliding scale with a nice structural cover.

IMGP0052Also from the observatory, renamed Hachitama 、maybe the most beatiful skyline of Tokyo can be seen.

IMGP0022or if you prefer apanoramic view.

IMGP0021Since there are plenty of book about Tange, I add only that it was a windy day, and at the 7th floor my child did enjoy alot himself running, fighting against the strenght of the wind.

Here below some more images.

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La zona, Yamashita Sekkei, Shimizu corporation, Kawasaki city (Kanagawa prefecture)

IMGP9993Another italian name for another square sort of place. This mall was huge, more 300 shops, as a video below can show to you.

The project supervision was from Yamashita sekkei, here their official website and they are so well known (1928 founded) that there is also a wikipedia japanese well furnished voice.

Here is official Mall web site.

Here a great link from the landscape designers that shows the best of this project. Here the link of the real estate investor. Here the link from the shop magazine that refers to June 2012.

We had a great time! I would love to come back during winter sales time, even the summer ones would be ok. At the 4th flloor there was a kid`s little park with the sand! Plenty of opportunities for youngs to hang around and hunt!

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LA Cittadella, Kawasaki city, The Jerde partnership

IMGP9962 I browsed a book called,

Malls & Department Stores, written by an european architecture`s historic researcher named Chris van Uffelen, published by Verlagshaus Braun in 2008 ( here the amazon link). Since I`ve been involved in Italy in several Mall construction sites (IKEA included), these still fascinate me. In Japan, I`ve been told, there are not so many as in Italy or as in northern Europe. Indeed inside this book I found only few ones. “La cittadella”  with this romantic name was among them. So I got on the train and I went there with my wife and child .

It is designed by this international project office called the jerde parternship, here their official terrific website. The site was owned by a brand in the movie industry, a multicomplex builder, named Misu according to  this article on a magazine. That`s why they choose the italian name of cinecitta`.  All the site is built with the intention to reproduce an Italian little mountain village. I think they did a great job and they fill the expectations.

We had also a nice italian meal for lunch in the trattoria (il pacioccone), who offered the convenient deal for all included with 1000 yen (a pizza costs usually alone more than that in Tokyo).  Here we are not exactly in Tokyo, but in the south direction just crossed the river that divides the prefecture of Tokyo from the Kangawa`s one where Kawasaki city is located. I guess from Shinagawa it takes less then 20 minutes to go there. So this is a bit off topic post, it is in Kanagawa, the same prefecture as Yohokama.

Better pictures than mine can be seen in this blog here. I would add only comment on the purpose of building such a theme park like that. Just a line to say that I was more inspired to go inside to see a movie here than anywhere else.

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Recently I `ve been hired to work as a Revit modeler inside a  japanese “sekkei” company. Among other good things,  one particularly is still surprising me.

On the back of my shoulder there is an architecture`s library really impressive. Every lunch time I go there to seek for things.

Tsutaya bookstore, Daykanyama, Kleith Ditham Architects, 代官山

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was beautiful (this first picture shows the neighbours). I remember I would love to stay there the whole day. Both inside and outside it did not seem to be in Tokyo.

I actually writing this post and I would love to go back there! It was the first time in more than twenty days that somebody stops me speaking english for offering me an help to find a place. I was obviously holding a Tokyo  map and I was fumbling through the pages.

The library was spreaded among three buildings if I am recalling well. All were connected by a unifying design, based on a little joint game.

Precisely this one below in the picture.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe atmosphere was excellent, and all were well balanced.

Here some more shots.

Here their official page of the bookseller. HEre the one of the architect.