Fantasy and Passion

This is what Japanese Architecture is missing the most.

So I take this chance to link to a visual

artists who fullfill in that way.
Here the link.

His name is Chad Knight.


Asakusa matsuri

This year I was lucky, I was invited from a fellow to attend the Asakusa Festival (Matsuri) in one home whom owner was an old citizen of the Area, thus we had great time from the “inside”, instead of being just tourists.


I discovered the honor of begin part of the group of people who can hold the Mikoshi from the street and the fight to be one of them. In the picture you see some kids are playing the big central drum standing while being carried on a small car and pushed with a wood control pole.  On both sides of the car two long white and red stripe rope are also pushing the car. This is the smaller size of kids matsuri.

It was last Spring/Summer. Streets are closed and controlled that day, and it gets crowded soon. Nights are devoted to large drinking party. Those people below are not going to come home wealthy as they left home.


While walking toward the gathering place it was nice to see the mixed Urban environment of the District, which is unique in Tokyo. Probably the oldest one and some old typical old  Construction is still alive other than the temples. This below is a public bath place, not so old, but a traditional roof.




Japanese architects abroad

Dear reader,

this should be a list of Japanese Architects who have their own office established abroad. It does not matter if they are super famous or just leading an office of two or three people, I encourage to comment on this and add names and web pages. Only those who stands with their own name, they witness there is a life outside of Japan. Not associated, second in chief for those one I would add a different post.

  • Toshihiro Oki, Long Island, New York, here.



the underground path to the emperor Palace

I thought it would be nice to visit again the East garden of the emperor Palace in Tokyo. On my way to exit 13b of Ootemachi station wihch is poorest signaled coming from Marounochi line, I noticed quite renovation ongoing, probably following the Tokyo station mayor works.

The path and the quality of work was on primary level, probably work of major Japanese Companies who are tangled with landlords over there (Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei?).


On the right the stone, granite, is alternated on smooth and natural surface.

I underlined graphically the rhythm the path with thin red lines.

On the left, I used the blue thin lines, the different scheme of advertising screens. To note the refined touch on the ceiling where the two paths are detached and do not join each others.

At the end of the path, a nice full crystal elevator was an option to raise to the street level.


the Stadium has reached its Height

On Sunday I have watched a baseball game, the Tokyo derby: Giants vs Swallowers (Yakult) I guess.

Walking back to the station we walked just a side of the new Olympic Stadium, and it is growing day by day thus I thought it would be nice to have an updated on that.

I probably start something on Instagram since lately I have been doing a lot of bycicle and I am discovering so many interesting things but I do not have time to sit down and write  about them.  However I would love to continue to share these Tokyo sides. Stay tuned about this shift.


Prevention through Design

This article is long due.

AS my wife forecast in 2016, Tokyo Design Week has been canceled (link). They even do not write the information in English. It probably will change the name into something trendy and bigger, say World Design Week, and it will return back next year.

Since I am returning to focus my interest in safety and Health works, related to construction, it is nice founding a recent approach in design that underline this aspect.

There is a research center, here, the link, quite young from the Arizona State University. I think this deserve an honour place in every Design exhibition world wide.