Night view from Ontani Hotel

Night view from Ontani Hotel
This was shot from the chinese restaurant,
just a florr below the top floor I guess.
Here another one, a bit later

IMGP9791It is near Nagatacho and  Akasaka station.


HS aoyama Bldg, by unkown architects, probably back in the 80ies or 90ies..

HS aoyama Bldg

HS aoyama Bldg

This was back when I was doing my internship, walking down for that nice street called kotto dori . It is interesting since it is another building with a sphere on the top, an epiphany of some sort of metabolist times…maybe.

HS aoyama BldgI think there was cleverness in the project, and maybe it will disappear soon thus I posted here.

HS aoyama Bldg


Omotesando Hills – Tadao Ando – a classic “aroma” for spending some Christmas moment

Despite this Ando`s work is not one of his best, it is in the central Area of Omotesando where several others cutting edge designer are proving their innovative ideas as I reported many times in this blog.
This work come from the nineties although it was finished only in 2005, here the wikipedia link.


Another source of information is this blog by a peruvian architect living in Japan. I am sure also there must be some books about this billionnaire construction. Despite this complex has a Luxury fame you feel yourself at ease without be an affluent since shops are for all ages and pockets.

The great thing is the smell, the parfume better said. I could not figure out where it came from, but I am sure it is intentionally spreaded in the air by the management, or even envisaged since the sketch. I liked a lot the railing details and the total view from the central ladder portrayed in the picture above.

Here below A splendid view from the Store upfront some months later (beginning of April). You can see also the apartments  on the higher floors and what seems a garden roof.



Korean Cultural Center (韓国文化院), by S.A.M.O.O. Global Studio

IMGP9469If you are interested in Korean Culture, not only the K-pop very populare among the young, here is the offical address of the Korean Cultural Center.

It has been completed by April 2009. The project is signed by several subjects including the Panasonic relevantly for the ligthing and audio video equipment, their web site says and shows. It took me a while to find the real creator of the building. Not surprisingly is a Seul based studio, quite impressive, here is their offical web-site. Other informations about the company`s aim are in this interview from “last” year. They are among

top designer in the world according to Enr rankings which is american magazine owned by the editor McGraw-Hill.

It is located at 4-4-10 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004 (東京都新宿区四谷4-4-10)

The offical page in japanese at wikipedia is here。

This blog also has got better pictures than mine.

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Hugo Boss new shop in Omotesando, by Norihiko Dan & Associates (團紀彦)


This building is standing hand by hand with the famous Todd`s flagshipstore in Omotesando (Toyo Ito).

Archdaily also has published sections and plans of the building here., and also better shot than mine. Now the building has a name as keyaki  けやきBuilding….from the zelkova trees,

It has been opened recently.

HEre is the link to the offical web site of the architect who is a new entry in the crowded fashion street. It does not saying a lot.

This site has the most complete lists of projects done by mr.Norihiko.

He is born in 1956 according to another website who shows a list of major projects, among them one in Okinawa.

This blog  portraits another project signed by Mr.Dan in Kansai region. Another project in Taiwan back in 2008 is described here. It is interesting and is a visitor center neer Sun Moon Lake, Nantou.

An interview to mr.Dan is publshed to this review.

Other pictures of the same subject in my previous post here.

This update is only for underline the fact I discovered this new building is in the last number of the famous architect monthly magazine called shinkenchiku.

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