Omotesando Hills – Tadao Ando – a classic “aroma” for spending some Christmas moment

Despite this Ando`s work is not one of his best, it is in the central Area of Omotesando where several others cutting edge designer are proving their innovative ideas as I reported many times in this blog.
This work come from the nineties although it was finished only in 2005, here the wikipedia link.


Another source of information is this blog by a peruvian architect living in Japan. I am sure also there must be some books about this billionnaire construction. Despite this complex has a Luxury fame you feel yourself at ease without be an affluent since shops are for all ages and pockets.

The great thing is the smell, the parfume better said. I could not figure out where it came from, but I am sure it is intentionally spreaded in the air by the management, or even envisaged since the sketch. I liked a lot the railing details and the total view from the central ladder portrayed in the picture above.

Here below A splendid view from the Store upfront some months later (beginning of April). You can see also the apartments  on the higher floors and what seems a garden roof.



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