Urban Research, by Kleim Ditham, March 2015- Harajuku-Shibuya-Omotesando

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So this post is without picture since It seems I finished the space on this blog, Will be the last?


In the meantime I decided to switch to japanese and take this as a benchmark.

For those of you who doesn`t read japanese at all…I am sorry the story ends here.

For those who wants to keep watching pictures of Tokyo, here it goes the link in japanese, hosted by wordpress again.

First post I wrote was about a museum, designed by Nihon Sekkei, (which means japanese architectture….what lack of fantasy for naming a company!) a week or so ago.

Yes japanese sometimes call things without a title.

Many times I asked my wife, how this recipe is it called, and replies were like this:

“meat and potato”, “fish and salt”, “eggs and bread”….

Would you compare those title to the Italians names such as “Spaghetti alla carbonara”, or “Lasagna”, or “Coniglio alla cacciatora”…it is not just the taste of the food. Japanese dishes could be delicious as the Italian ones. It is that we like telling stories.

When a plate has a made up title, it contains already a story…why that title you ask yourself? And you already get caught in the spirit of the Italia Cuisine…because an Italian would immediately become happy to start a conversation even if he doesn`t know why that is called Lasagna…because that let us be social which means for Us debate, deny, oppose, agree, love and hate.

We don`t call our dishes in such ways…japanese simply don`t have that.

My japanese writing would be even worst than my english I am sure about it, however it has to be a way to improve it, the only sure way is doing it…a big Hug to those of the 87 architecture lovers are currently following this blog I am to lose!!! See you! It is plenty of english writing about Japanese architecture.

Some books I am to read are:

Kevin Nute, a professor from Oregon, wrote : Place Time and Being in Japanese Architecture

Azby Brown, an associate Professor of Architecture at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology, wrote a book about the reconstruction of ancient japanese Temple in Nara, The genius of Japanese Architecture. (1995)

for Wood cratft Lovers, there is a precious handbook, by Christopher Schwarz, the Workbench design book: The Art & Philosophy of building better benches.

The ancient Conder`s book, republished in 2002, Landscape Gardening in Japan, is still a good and fashinating read.

If you read French, you`ll be happy to read about the Metabolism, in a book wrote by Charles Jencks, an architecture`s critics,

called Mouvements modernes en architecture…a bit old, no doubt you can find something else in English, but I doubt you`ll find something with that touch.

Within the pages of book written by Koolhaus or Deplazes are cool insights about the japanese contemporaries, their gold and dark sides. Be sure to read only Koolhaus and not listen him as his English speaking is worst than mine…



MItake mountain, almost 2 hours from Tokyo, past OME – Hiking in Japan

So we took the Chuo Line from Shinjuku toward Oome, West direction. A special rapid train, such kind of express,that deliver ourselved to OOme, which is already 1 hour from TOkyo, at the beginning ot the Tokyo Mountains.

Then we had to take another local train to get to Mitake station.

Few steps down the train station, crossed the street and turned left, there it was a Bus stop.

Other 15 minutes by Bus, and we arrive at a quite desolate piece of land, theBus stop at the foot of the mountain.

Then a steep slope uphill of 5 minutes to get to the cable car station…which was proud to be the steeper within the TOkyo province.

Other few minutes after we were at 800 mslm and we eventually started our little Sunday hiking.

IMGP2844After reaching the main shrine, here below the entrance


We decided to take the light track. There were different optionsbut as soon as we arrived some rain drips wet our baggage thus It was dangerous to me get a 6 hours hiking.

Despite that we really enjoyed the visit to the Ayano Falls, and the rock garden, and also it was not so crowded.

My son liked the most the river surroundings…IMGP2927