new building is to open in Omotesando, by Mitsubishi Jishyou Sekkei, by 2017

20160312_163108It is interesting, since the Mitsubishi Company is the fifth bigger of Japan, according to archdaily ranking、and it is not precisely on the front row of Omotesando street, unless I mistakenly. That is why I am curious to see what they put up on this underlining beauty contest competion that is this street.

20160312_163057From my weak understanding of japanese, it is going to be a 30 metres tall building, with a floor base of 241mq, for a total built surface of 13805. I will be happy if somebody can read better than me and post a comment to correct my guess.


Miu Miu, Miyuki Street (Omotesando), by Herzog de Meuron

20160312_170000My wife asked me: but what is it?

After waking around, help me taking some pictures she could not see the sense of the whole design. That is why I have chosen this shot. I imagine you have already seen the pictures of this new shop for Miu Miu, which is a brand for costume jewelry handbags, shoes and whatever women desire.

When the shop opened, probably late 2015, pictures were bouncing on the web like ping pong balls. They have a very good Public Relation Office indeed.

In case you missed here the exact spot on google maps, already, visible.

To me it is something like a giant handbag, that is why the exterior front facade is just one piece, like a folding part of any bag. The interior skin is unique, like the leather, a vintage , a brocade archdaily call it. To those who are not familiar with the Tokyo inner topography, it is worth notice that the store is just in front of the Prada, from the same designer and belonging to the same owner.

Also Takenaka Corporation is confirming itself as a leader when it comes to build sophisticated projects.

Dezeen also wrote about it.

Design Boom also, il Sole24OreArchitect magazineWallpaper, urdesign,

the most interesting post is from the London design journal as it has some contest and original observation about it.

I feel like this post is redundant to the whole world wide web. My shot is not needed my words neither, perdon me I was just walking there going towar the Nezu museum which I found closing at 17.30…next time.

The official architecture firm web site.