Resizing the Project of the Olympic Stadium by Z.Hadid

THe new was on the Washington Post (recently acquired by the web’s start owner of amazon (jeff bezos), the article says the’re going to re-size the project.

Junji Shirai (順次白井) add an interesting comment to the post at the blog called archdaily about the protest of Japanese architects against the Hadid’s project here below.

Whether or not the cutting will be effected, it is a big issue, I would say an evergreen one. Thanks to J.S. we know that

Mr.Ando (Tadao, the one who is already in all the Architect’s contemporary history handbooks in the world) was the president of the jury that sanctioned the winner of the competition for the new Olympic stadium.

We know also that it is supposed to be built in the historical place called Gaien, and Maki has organized the symposium “Re-thinking the New National Olympic Stadium in the historical context of Gaien,”

to dissipate any doubts about the insane choice to proceed further.

I am only surprised that they chose this place. It is a sport’s center plenty already of activities and today (the 26th), they just started the Design Week, to where I am willing to go.

I thought they might build it somewhere in Odaiba which is a new Area (Tokyo big sight and so on) that would a percet spot for a giantic stadium.

Here another shot from the same article. Check them out, there are more, the one of the spectators’ entrance is really impressive, like they’re entering in a Space Ship!

zaha-hadid-s-2020-olympic-stadium_4-530x287Interesting see what they wrote in the ESPNscrum, one year before, when the Rugby League was happy for the  already projected renovation.

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