Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and others things part 2 of 3

Best design object


Despite it need more than just a quick walk trough before assign an “award” my special one goes to this long chair with grass. Unlike many new ideas that pick easy the walker’s attention but are not clearly producing anything else than a funny interaction, this chair has to do with the real world.

It sprinkles happiness, and genial disposition to the place where it might end up.

I can see it bought from local municipalities in order to embellish their squares, maybe for just a season or a special occurrence but it will work, creating a different atmosphere , for instance in a urban high-dense area.

A commercial lounge lacking an outdoor would lovely buy it for another feasible utilization. My best wishes of succeed to Fujimura design studio.

Best box office idea

Some discount are available at the desk. If you bring your children they halve your price for instance. If you walk in dressed to suit for Halloween party also there a 500yen discount, which is nice to get to see some people strolling like those 3 girls here.




Never thought about it, it would be nice to have a wood made keyboard for my laptop! These French did it.



Although I did not spent time on it, I found it so interesting…a god worshipping kit for future Thai-chinese generation (forgive my ignorance, they might be probably Taiwanese).

Technically overwhelming


It’s not the coloured 3D printer that caught my attention but more this future electric bicycle with a really striking design, thanks to the Japanese Toyo Institute of Art & Design which I commend to take in great consideration if you would like to start to work in this field.


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