Tokyo Design week 2013 – School exhibition – Architecture and other things – part 1 of 4


The new Olympic stadium is planned to be built close to this Area which is now the chosen site for the annual Tokyo Design Week, a fair that showcases the best innovative ideas from the young designers and architects around the world (of course the majority of them are Japanese). It opened the 26th and it runs for 10 days until November.

In the long field, behind the features of the exhibition, a dome is visible, it is the Meji memorial Gallery. That is probably the most important building to whom the Hadid’s project lacked to defer, Maki and peers claimed, but it is the only one. Here some pictures at googles maps will let you observe it better and a nice map a panoramio. All the surroundings others are for sports practicers.

On the other hand this post is about the Design week thus will leave the Olympic buzz for a while.

About the exhibition project’s plan.

My wife liked a lot this year version compared to the last year’s one, I am not agree since last year there was more outdoor chaos, with a green meadow where on-goers could  eat their bento (ownself preparesd food boxes) which always turn me on, as an old fashion’s fan for pic-nic, BBQ and other fresh air sort of meal’s digestive ways. She could not explained why she liked, and She only said something about the better disposition. I liked the central double sphere, with the pink inside, as well the not-smoking area compared with the smoking one which was a sponsored pavillion, designed by the cutting edge designer Tanigiri,

here a shot.

IMGP9275My son’s favorite game:

Without any doubts the prize has won by this undefined space set by those long white stripes , so light they literally fall as water like in a shower.



Why  is useful to attend this exhibition?

Because if you’d like to choose where to study design, and you want to. Here it is easy, you walk throughot the exhibition the whole day and then you find the approach that suites better your interest, and I am sure that would be the best choice one could ever doing..

Why  is entertaining to attend this exhibition?

Well in this case, you want to go there during the evenings, I noticed that from 5 pm people started to be enter more in the mood of enjoying the nights, make friends, eye contacts where frequent and all sort of

good vibrations a young would expect from it. Concerts and clubs space are several, there is a program and so on.

A final note: last year there were an exposition of models by well-known Japanese architects…it was interesting but I am glad they didn’t repeat the experience.

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