JOSAI university Kyoicho Campus, 学校法人城西大学 東京紀尾井町キャンパス…surprise


I went for a walk after a meeting and I have decided to look at the building who was at the end of a

narrow street .

It was the Josai University (how many are they in Tokyo? 100, 200, 500?..who knows) Kyoichi Campus. I took some pictures. It looked as if they just have finished it day before yesterday.

Some nice chicks were coming out from the glass sliding doors thus I decided to enter .

Nice floor, plenty of flowers, maybe something was going on, I thought.

Anyway at the front desk the gentle young lady didn’t know who was the architect in charge of the design, or renovation of that building.

Than I went further, descending a stair and. Gosh!


A T-Rex skeleton was there!

Than I found a fossils gallery whom despite I decided to not shoot, it gave reason to that exibihition!

Here some more pictures and the address

address on google

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