Toshima Gakuin High School, by Atsushi Kitagawara, 2001

ToshimaGakuin1I just got a bicycle. Nice new way to find interesting works here and there, where you have not any clue about them it is really surprising, and exciting. This is the sort of things you are expecting from Japan and not likely from other countries I guess.

This was on my way to a local library. It turned out to be an awarded architect with some reputation in Japan, not so much abroad.

Here his career on wikipedia. Mr. Aaron Betsky dedicated an article on him “The other Japanese Architecture”, here. and also a monography you can find online. The official architect website, here. Although it does not have an english version it has voices in double version Continue reading


Fragment MIB、unknown

It was interesting,I thought I have lost these shots.

FragmentMIBAlthough I am not a big fan of exposed conrete, I have to admit that this result is massive and well composed.


20150221_105216_002it is located in the surrounding of the notorius district of Ikebukuro


Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Office Complex, by Tadasu Ohe (大江匡) (Plantec) , (1996)


Ikebukuro, Tokyo Goverment Office Complex

If one day you`ll be walking near the Metropolitan Theatre at the West Exit of Ikebukuro station it is likely you are going to notice this building for two factors:

the colour and the shape.

Probably back in those days there was more choices than today when it came to design the skin of a building. I do not know how long this building will stand more. It is worth give it a smile than.

From the Architect website, we can learn the projects which were signed by his hands. His profile seems not been updated unless he became a member of a Japanese Institution after 2011 and his awarded renovation in Nanba station (Osaka),  here a video-link.

He is been teaching regularly at Nihon University and at Waseda University. Here below the same building, much inserted in the surrounding.