four facets of contemporary architecture

My readers should already know about the great chance that edx.orf is offering. This class has just started, you cannot miss it.

Kuma Kengo and Obuchi  Yusuke are doing the first module

The 4 facets are these:

theory technology city and humans.

Not so much of understanding at first sight we`ll see.

This is the syllabus :

  • Development of contemporary Japanese architecture since the 1964 Tokyo Olympics
  • Features of works of influential Japanese architects
  • Theories behind practices in contemporary Japanese architecture
  • Present concerns and potential future directions for contemporary Japanese architecture

Architects and Their Works of the Module

Module 1: Introduction

1.1 – 1.5: Revisiting Kenzo Tange

Module 2: Arata Isozaki and Hisao Kohyama

2.1 – 2.4: In Search of a Space – Arata Isozaki, The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma (1974)

2.5 – 2.9: Learning from Style – Hisao Kohyama, Sainokuni Saitama Arts Theater (1994)

Module 3: Terunobu Fujimori and Hidetoshi Ohno

3.1 – 3.5: New Primitivism – Terunobu Fujimori, La Collina Omihachiman (2014)

3.6 – 3.10: Editing Between – Hidetoshi Ohno, Heart Nursery School (2014)

Module 4: Kengo Kuma and Kazuyo Sejima

4.1 – 4.5: Kengo Kuma, Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center (2012)

4.6 – 4.10: Kazuyo Sejima, Inujima “Art House Project” (2010-)

Module 5: Theory – Summary

Module 6: Final Exam


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