Modern Japanese Architecture: From Meiji Restoration to Today at

It is been a while since I subscribed for this M.O.O.C. class, and now it is starting at thus this post to encourage to try this free online class.

Whether you`ll be satisfied or not, I think it is worthing give it a try, especially considered that you can meet people from every country.

This below is this blog stats for 2016, Japan is leading, than Italy, USA and more than other 100 countries.



Week three of the cours has just been released. I am absolutely enthusiast of the quality of the class. Week 2, lesson 2.6 about Sukya legacy reached , on my opinion, a cross cultural apex. It explained the dramatic difference between, my culture – Italian – and the japanese culture, juxtaposing the word “invenzione” which means invention  and pursuing Originality, to the japanese sharp break with the Past. I higly recommend blog readers architecture fan, to try to follow professor Stewart lessons. His carefully choice of words, and example will improve your English vocabulary and also broaden your, and mine, horizons.

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