A special normal day in Tokyo. The day of Suntory Hall open to everybody, 30th anniversary.

This Hall (Official web page)is somehow a legend among musicians…since Von Karajan took his role in promoting and even designing it after the berlin hall.  The design process was by Yasui Architects (official web site). It was my first time. I was very excited. The web is plenty of pictures and reviews. Suntory is a huge beverage brand.

Let the video speaks. It was the Sakura Weekend, a special normal day.

Video 1 Arriving

The liine for the free concert on the small Venue

Video 2

The lobby


Video 3, in the hallway,


Video 4

This day children were allowed to enter. Normally under 7 years they cannot, and it is not difficult to understand the reasons, for a place dedicated to classic music.

This day was an amazing concert of cries and laughs, still plentyful of joy. The beauty of the families all together happy to enter for free in such a “Holy” place and listen the real orchestra was overwhelming and undermining the place itself.


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