Wood for the Olympic stadium in Tokyo?

So the chosen options are two:

one is from Taisei corporation that follows the Kengo Kuma Design

the other one is from Toyo Ito concept backed by Obayashi, Takenaka and Shimizu corporation.

Here the link with a video with two pictures of proposal A(Kuma)  and B(Ito)

In another link you can compare the two pictures from above (the red roof is the Ito one)

I think it is a political wise strategy. First you won the competition to obtain the Omlypic in your conutry with a wonderful galactic project at the end of a pompous world wide open competition asking to design a dream….than when you have already won the right to organizethe competition you really budget everything. This time you ask for a sober project, eventually ending to a japanese firm – which are among the best of the world – and nobody is upset….but the fact that they have to go abroad to buy the wood…since on japanese land the wood industry is setting back because the Japanese Law about wood.

Would not it be hironic they say.

Lately I found a full,well written article about the whole story of the Zaha Haidi scrapping. I would encourage to click on it, it seems it is signed by a real journalist and not only a blogger.


One thought on “Wood for the Olympic stadium in Tokyo?

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