Architectural short circuit

Lately I have been exposed to some events and works that all of a sudden created a spiral of sense so fast to send me in a short circuit.

First it was to go and see a new church designed by T.Ando in Tokyo, which opened last August.

21st Century Church

Last Ando church in Tokyo 2015

It is located in the Hiroo Area that is  a residential spot for wealthy people most of whom are foreigners, Americans are the majority I would say at a glance.  The church has its own website here, their name is 21St Century Christ Church. They are a little community growing year after year, as a new independent church. The gentle guide lady was telling me they are just opened a new sister church in Oita, in the southern part of Japan.

Many pictures are also on flickr at this address.

I liked it but I liked more the one below, which hosts the baptesimal bath where I took the picture of this post.

It is positioned right below the main cross thus it is much empowered by the Christ sign.

To visit the church I sent them a request by mail and the appontment was set. The church was displayed well in the japanese mainstream architectural magazine, shinkenchiku, in the last August number, if you are interested to know the details.

Second event was the 2015 Design Week, with the good exposition of new ideas from young minds.

I may post something in the japanese section..

third was the reading of a book about the Ronchamp establishment of a monastery for Clarisse nuns order directed by Renzo Piano workshop, that took 6 years to get accomplished. The book was thick and dense and it did not miss anything about the project.

Fourth was the exhibition of Frank Ghery selection of works, “I have an Idea” in the space called Design Sight, signed by T.Ando, at Tokyo Midtown. A really enjoiable place located in a another wealthy area of Tokyo (Roppongi) where most of the expats live. It lasts until February the 7h. An absolutely astonishing tour along the whole Ghery career I am happy to reccomend, ispecially to those who don`t like Ghery`s works.

So the Circle of events has reached an end, but no… wait for a moment: it is not a circle it is a spiral that has no end, let me write you why in the next post before this will become too long too read.


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