MItake mountain, almost 2 hours from Tokyo, past OME – Hiking in Japan

So we took the Chuo Line from Shinjuku toward Oome, West direction. A special rapid train, such kind of express,that deliver ourselved to OOme, which is already 1 hour from TOkyo, at the beginning ot the Tokyo Mountains.

Then we had to take another local train to get to Mitake station.

Few steps down the train station, crossed the street and turned left, there it was a Bus stop.

Other 15 minutes by Bus, and we arrive at a quite desolate piece of land, theBus stop at the foot of the mountain.

Then a steep slope uphill of 5 minutes to get to the cable car station…which was proud to be the steeper within the TOkyo province.

Other few minutes after we were at 800 mslm and we eventually started our little Sunday hiking.

IMGP2844After reaching the main shrine, here below the entrance


We decided to take the light track. There were different optionsbut as soon as we arrived some rain drips wet our baggage thus It was dangerous to me get a 6 hours hiking.

Despite that we really enjoyed the visit to the Ayano Falls, and the rock garden, and also it was not so crowded.

My son liked the most the river surroundings…IMGP2927

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