Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Office Complex, by Tadasu Ohe (大江匡) (Plantec) , (1996)


Ikebukuro, Tokyo Goverment Office Complex

If one day you`ll be walking near the Metropolitan Theatre at the West Exit of Ikebukuro station it is likely you are going to notice this building for two factors:

the colour and the shape.

Probably back in those days there was more choices than today when it came to design the skin of a building. I do not know how long this building will stand more. It is worth give it a smile than.

From the Architect website, we can learn the projects which were signed by his hands. His profile seems not been updated unless he became a member of a Japanese Institution after 2011 and his awarded renovation in Nanba station (Osaka),  here a video-link.

He is been teaching regularly at Nihon University and at Waseda University. Here below the same building, much inserted in the surrounding.


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