Edo Museum, (江戸博物館)by Y. Kikkutake, 1993.

It is likely you have seen this building before in some Architecctural books about Tokyo.

Edo Museum

History of Tokyo Museum


Not me. When I first came to Japan I did not know who was Kikkutake and the metabolism (!).  This is secondary because maybe you even did not like it, butI am sure you like what is inside and I put in the Gallery below. It is so fascinating that I went there two times, and I am planning to go even more.

The name of the Museum in japanese is Edo Hakubutsukan, which means the Museum of Edo (the former name of Tokyo). It contains severl interesting things and displays the old style life of japnese i nTokyo. I think there is also a library for researchers…so amazing! Here it is the Official website.Here below a view from the back

Edo Museum

Than another view from the front

Edo Museum

In case you missed it, the shape is clearly derived from a traditional japanese warrior helmet, there some similarities with a less famous building I alread wrote about in this post. It was a martial art hall.


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