KouTou-Ku, Toyosu, Civic Center, 江東区豊洲地ㇱビックセンター, just opened or next month? by…unknown architect.


I would like to enter one of these days to se those 15500 square metres that are hosting libraries,

cultural center and  so on.

Recently an Italian architect firm has been awarded of an international prize for the best skyscraper, name is Bosco verticale, here it is the link of the prize association called (International High Rise Awards). The japanese are catching up. They were beyond all the others with their respect of the nature, and their traditional but it seems the concrete has sucked all their money and they had good reason for that (see earthquake). Even so,  I think , from now on, anything with green features will likely to be highly assessed than before, as a immediate consequence of the prize.

So what about this Civic Center whom project is already 2 years old according this pdf of the Koto municipality.

The roof seems a garden and they did this very uncommon touch for those exposed beams looking like wooden trussese.


I am not sure if they are or not, but the effect is lookable.

Unfortunately I have not found the architect`s firm name, by now. I will ask at the office. 🙂











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