the Fashion City by Kenzo Tange, 1996, Odaiba (Tokyo)

IMGP2674There no place in Tokyo that did not get an influence by Tange`s work and Odaiba itself was one of Tange future vision; thus it is not surprising viewing here some of his works, like the eccentric Fuji Tv building in one of my previous work and this rather neat kolossal city of Fashion.

more pictures here and here

and other 56 pictures here,! THis is not a hiddden place.

for those who would like to go in seek of Tange works, this website has a reasoned list of his works.

eventually I know this is a poor post. so I add this link to help you to understand what is important and what is not. I amquite sure if you have fiveminutes to read it you`ll be happier .

Here is an interesting article about his work in Europe, particularly in Skopje, Macedonia


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