The food and agricoltural museum, by K.Kuma, 2004

the-food-and-agriculture-museum-tokyo-university-of-agricultureFirst Time I went there it was closed. It took me a long walk so I was a bit disappointed. Luckily there was a korean restaurant in the surroundings. Also I took awalk to the Park called Banji koen, where it might have happened the Olympic Horses competition during the 1964 event.

This Museum established a sort of the state of the Art for Kuma`s aesthetic.  The “louvre” is going from the ground to the top, erasing the roof as if there is non need to cover ourselves anymore.

Inside everything was not definitive.  One kind of light wood was the main feature  from vertical division to false celing to, of course floors and furnitures. In the detail below a corner of the curtain wall with stone wearing mullions is visible.  Also the lightings from the ground, partially hidden by the bushes.

Detail of Museumthe-food-and-agriculture-museum-tokyo-university-of-agriculture/Here is the main official site of Kuma`architects.

The railing where made with wires and glass I recall. And Some paritions also by glass. Unfortunatelu I do not have interior picture but you can see them here.

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