De Beers, by Jun Mitsui (光井純) 、2008


De beers

I do not think I have to add somethin to this picture. Everytime you walk trhough the streets of Ginza, you cannot avoid to notice it and appreciate it.

De Beers is an olland brand fro diamonds and jewelry, thus They wanted something comparable with their product in this high competitive angle of the world. In front of tem there is the french brand Cartier. Just in front there is Bulgari, …and so on…

De Beers Tokyo

De Beers Tokyo

Others very nice pictures can be found in this blog. And also in the architecture archdaily website, here.

Here is the offical web site of the architect, that we have already met twice in Harajuku, here for the apple store, and here for the H&M store.

I am sorry but I am reluctant to write about this building since I do not manage enough expression to describe that unique and “extraordinaire” project

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