Terrazza (Pacific House) on Aoyama dori by Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama (竹山聖), 1991

Amorphe architects

La Terrazza

Despite that massive use of concrete walls. This project was odd but elegant, like a modern castle. There is also a voice dedicated to the Architect on wikipedia. Here is the official firm website, called now amorphe. It is plenty of interesting designs.

Here the exact link on Aoyama Dori I guess. It is worth mentioning that I am following an University class about Tokyo`s development History after Worl War II. Thanks to that class I learnt that Aoyama Dori was a very commercial neighbourhood for wealthy people. Ten it became after the 64 just a street connecting Shibuya (at that time a new trendy area) with ghe evergreen Ginza.



And some more shots. And a video can be seen on youtube here.

A short biography about him can be read in japanese here. And my guess is now teaching at some Universities like the Kyoto University graduate school for Engineers.

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