Mizutaka Mountain (Mizutakasan – 水高山)

We do not like big crowd of people, so after experiencing the nice short mountain, but dense experience of mt. Takao, we directed our interest in finding a more pilgrin kind of mountain to climb in solitaire.

We found the Mizutaka mountain or Hill depending on where you come from since it is only few metres after 700m tall.

IMGP2286We felt to be in the wood, and when We saw the sign of a bear who was last seen last Spring, a bit in the wild…even if it was not really a place to called wild.

IMGP2298Despite that we did not meet any wild animal and few hikers.

During the journey through the wood some nice moment I can recall, like the path here below

Mizutaka trackWas it nice ?

I shoot a picture from the top but it was not the brighest of the days.

IMGP2326The momiji – the japanese term to autumn leaves color changing – was already in his past moment but still nice to look at.

What was surprising Us, it was our son endurance. He did not complain at all. Around 3.00 pm we encountered a sign with two ways, one shortcut for the station and one for the third top hill, we took the shortcut. Despite that we arrived late. The last 200 metres downhill it was almost full dark, and my wife had a little sliding incident.

The cane broke and she fell on her bottom to the ground.

mizutaka sanBack at home I discovered that she had a swollen ankle and I was worried, but after some ice andspecial bandages she recoverd in 2 days.

The trip took six hours and half at the pace of a 4 years kid. Not bad!

Here below some more shots.


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