Good Design Award 2014- @ Tokyo Midtown – Design Hub 1st of 2 posts.

20141101_124506This was my first time in this well-known design fair. From a robot, to a car, a kitchen tool, a whole house system, a Sony new it and you`ll find it. We did not think about it as big as it was.

My camera had problem on its lcd screen thus I could not focus the subjects. Like the introduction picture, the others  would not be perfect shots either.

20141101_124517the one above was a room plenty of objects lined on long tables. Maybe it was the room  at the third floor, or any others, they were very similar but the one at the first floor. There was the Exhibition`s entrance, below another space.



Outside of the exhibition, at the Tokyo Midtown pathway to the underground, there was another exhibition, “Design Touch” from students of Tokyo Universities I recall. Here below one of the most memorable piece.

Good Design Award 2014…more comes in teh next post.

I am planning to post something inusual for Christmas. By now, since I have been poste about Tokyo Midtown already twice , I am suggesting to take a look of the recent history of this District, reading a very intersting article here.


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