Tokyo Designers Week 2014 , 3rd of three posts. The project proposal Exhibition.

20141026_170246I am happy to to finish the Modelling exposition started in the previous post and totally reported in this crafted blog . Here are some more. The one above is from Tanijiri Makoto (谷尻誠) and Ai Yoshida (吉田愛). Here their official web site (Suppose Design Office) from which they show their admiration for the work of the american architect Ghery, which is a rare thing. It is a proposal costruction located in the city of Hamamtsu ( 浜松市) that contains public and private spaces.

The main concept is a forest. The ideators claim it seems complex but it is not since many units can be repeated largely.

Here below the model by Akihisa Hirata, here his official web site.

20141026_170235They are presenting more than one project I guess.

Akihisa Hirata modelthen we pass to Sou Fujimoto, same generation of Hirata and his Serpentine Gallery Pavillion



last we look at the Maki Onishi (大西麻貴) + Yuki Hyakuda (百田有希) houses. An extraordinary close look at the contemporary Tokyo style for Houses.20141026_165900

Actually I was forgetting the entrance model. A huge complex by Riken Yamamoto in Zurich, who seemed the wealthier of all of the exhibitors. His career started long time ago in 1973…




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