Tokyo Designers Week 2014, 2nd of three posts.

20141026_170029The aim of this second post is focusing to the model exhibition. Above it is a concept of the work by  Junya Ishigami (石上純也 ) called House & restaurant.

Here below the huge model;

House & RestaurantAnd here below his written thoughts

20141026_170038_001It is a captivating thought…nevertheless when it says “concrete” he should have better reflect on that word, so simple, too simple…

Here below a  妹島和世 (Kazuyo Sejima) work:

20141026_165805The architect explanation

SANAA Design WeekThe proposal is peculiar, here below an evolution into the Unity claimed by the concept

20141026_165822Let`s go to the K.Kuma model

20141026_165725It is the museum of the Chinese Acadamy of Art in thesuburbs of city of HangZhou (杭州) .


Hangzhou suburbs, was integrated into the architecture and tea plantations of the mountain, planning a new type of University Museum. When you study the architecture that utilizes as much as possible the slope of the diamond pattern appears in the contour.


IT doesn`t say anything about the materials…and this is strange, maybe I did not read enough.

20141026_165641_000If you are interested all these models they are published in the catalog (2000Yen) inside the pavillion. Maybe in few days in the libraries of the whole Japan.

If you can read japanese you might check this comprehensive blog on the same subject.

I will upload more pictures in the next post.



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