Apple store in Harajuku, by Mitsui Jun and Associates, 光井純

Last year was in construction, recently it has been inaugurated, just on time to present the latest “invention” to sell.

IMGP1829Apparently they opened last June,

Here a very good report of the shop with some videos.

The thing I liked the most was the main ladder, with the transparent steps.

This blog compare the shop with the one in New York, but theye are not comparable on my opinion…

This other one, followed the progress of the works on site…fascinating.

This other blogger, was very interested to watch the details of the curtain walls and the railings. It must be a designer….

This one, sounds like she is a technician, write about the composition of the curtain wall. She claims to be composed by 5th different layers of glass. Also argue about the strongness of those high glass walls to resist the earthquaqe horizontal forces which is an achievement, to her opinion (I guess a woman is the writer). The only blog that states tha Jun Mitsui is the architect is this one. Others seems don`t care.

and last here a new building ready to go just in front of this one.

The impressive rhythm of this part of the city still surprises me.

IMGP1830It announce another building under the auspices of the Italian Brand Max &Co. It will open next August the 15th, by the architect name of Sakakibara Yukiko (榊原 由紀子). An Italian, named Roberto Macchia represents the builder,Unity Real Estate Japan, I believe they are all correlated to the Ishimoto firm, as this design award from 2011 shows.

I actually update the post with a more detailed name, Andrea Tognon Architect. Here it is his official web site, where it is possibleto see the preview/rendering of the real building.



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