Nanno building,  Omotesando Harajuku 原宿 表参道 by unknown architect

this was a strange facade, one would never find in Italy for sure.



It seems to me is referring the tradition of japanes shadows and light. It  was exactly  the same feeling I have got .

On a different preception, it is a kind of erotic feeling, and it might be even kinky as the galvanized iron is normally used for cheap fences but here it is for the whole wall.

the erotic is clearly derived from the unhidden but hidden, seen and not seen attitude.

The area is densed populated with all sort of extravaganza, people tends to act as teenager in theese surroundings, behaves here as if they were always in search of new things.

This building is quite knew, I dare to say it is less than 2 years old.

I have shot a picture on the door  saying Nanno building, from which I took the title of the post.

You can find it from the main Omotesando street, walking upward you turn left at the corner

with Polo Ralph Laren flagship`s shop-bulding walking  straight until the shops fade away.


It is quite a residence, in this enviable spot of Tokyo. Indeed a expensive car was parked well hidden inside.  It is normal to hide richness in Japan, more obvious than in Europe or USA. Traditionally, as you may know,  it was considered a virtue not showing the affluence.

In case somebody knows who designed the house I`ll be happy to add the architect`s firm name in this post.

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