Acquarium, Tokyo sea park、Yoshio Taniguchi、 1989 葛西臨海水族園


We spend the evening at the terrace of this acquarium, which incredibly was open untill 8.00 pm two nights in a row within a year!

Let me tell you just one difference with Western world. The potential of this place, in every southern part of Europe, would be stay open every night until 2.00 am with thousands of people enjoying the adorable view of the sea.

IMGP1414The fact that we could drink a beer play with our kid, and having relax time outdoor was only an exceptional event in their calendar. This is not a complaint, is just a wake up call!

We need those places in Tokyo! This is just on the border with Chiba prefecture, and a bit far from the majority of tokyo busy spots, but it is unique. I bet most people would carry the burden to get there.

They did a short pictures show for their 25th anniverrsary. Here the website.

This post follows that one about Kasai Rinkai Koen, because the architect is the same, here their website.

Please check out this enchanting video on the web, better than all my pictures. Here the wiki voice for the acquarium in japanese.

Here below some of my modest pictures, but if you` d like to, there is a professional photographer, Kokyu Miwa, who did it at its best here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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