Ginza, 2nd Ave. 1 Tange, –設計 丹下都市

IMGP1300The funny thing of this building is that you can pass all the way through it as if you were walking inside a back alley of American neighbourhood.

But you are indeed in a VIP area of Tokyo (Ginza as the title says). This link claim is a 2010 project maybe completed in 2011, it has still some freshness in my opinion and finishing and also lines are very elegant.


Here 10 splendid pictures of the inside location , I presume the downstair lounge. There is also a peculiar design in the path I discovered through them! Check them out.

This number of the magazine, kendaikenchiku, says it has been completed in 2005. Maybe in 2011 a little renovation had occured. This post has also the exact location. This number of the magazine for shops, shotenkennchiku, indented this projected on it. You may have heard ot the Tange studio, if not check who are they here.

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