Ryogoku Brasserie, Izakaya, Restaurant, Birreria…and what else, Sumo? It is called like that 両国国技館前店 (ryogoku hananomai mise)

IMGP1342for my birthday dinner, I have decided to inve my family in Ryogoku. closeby the place I currently work. It is near the Sumo “temple”, and it is a touristic area of TOkyo. This morning a met a groupo of Italian tourist standind just in front of this restaurant .

Soon we took our reservead seat near the Sumo Arena which is inside the place, we felt that was a great place to relax and go back to the past, or at least forgetting the contemporary urban time. My kid really enjoyed. We had nabe, which means pot, asyou can see below.

IMGP1333There is a choice of taste , soy sauce, miso or salt (we took salt), which are very common choice when it comes to japanese popular cuisine. I am sure this place is in every Tokyo Guide (even if I did not checked)

because it  is awesome. I found also their website, here the link.  Even thought this post seems off topic, it strictly regardin traditional japanese architecture, like

that here below.

IMGP1339In fact they have a sepaarate area of the Restaurant, where I guess many party happen. Tonight it was empty though.

What was inexpected at the beginning of the dinneraround 7.00, there were 4 singers stanindg obove the Sumo arena collecting money after their singing. That was a really great atmosphere.

My unrequested advice is ,check out this place with whom you like if you come to Tokyo once. If you have been once in Munich and lied the Bier atmosphere of the great gasthouses there, you will find a japanese corrispondent here. whether or not you aregong to drink sake or beer of fruit juice.

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2 thoughts on “Ryogoku Brasserie, Izakaya, Restaurant, Birreria…and what else, Sumo? It is called like that 両国国技館前店 (ryogoku hananomai mise)

  1. Buongiorno! Sono venuta qui attraverso Tokyobling. Questo ristorante sembra fantastico – il cibo e l’atmosfera; i prezzi sono incredibilmente economici. Spero di andarci quando tornerò in Giappone. Hai visto che servono il prosciutto di Parma? 🙂

    • Non avevo visto,di solito non prendo robe italiane. Qui pero avevo voglia di provare la salsiccia, che era in bella mostra, visto che a Tokyo e` piu` rara del prosciutto!

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