Setagaya Art Museum, 世田谷美術館 by 内井昭蔵(1933−2002) Uchii Shojo

IMGP1245Luckily the bus from Yoga station was functioning well, and in less than 15 minutes we were at the Kinuta Park in the Setagaya Ward. That was our Sunday plan, then we found this compelling building and I took some good shots I believe.

Here it is their official web site. The current exhibition did not attracted my interest, since it was about how the Americans perceived Japan, all sort of japaniseries….from Boston (Why I should watch it is at least dubiou. really it was just too late to get inside). This is the english link from wikipedia.

The main building is from 1980. All the freizes are made by concrete, and they are indeed well made.

The architect himself seems quite an authority for the japanese, here is their official , rather simple, website.


Here a nice website about museum plenty of well done picture, even of the inside where I did not enter. I guess it is from the concrete maker! Anyway clap your hands !

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