Gyre by MDRV Architects (Amsterdam), Omotesando, a turning building, 2007.

architect, Tokyo, MDRDV,

architect, Tokyo, MDRDV,

The opportunity to seat outside enjoying a nice atmosphere are tipically appreciated by the majority of Europeans, thus I am really happy to pubblish this post since I discovered that the project come from a dutch firm (here the link to their website, folgorating I was saying).

The building is full of great shops I put here below in the gallery. The one with all doors, the MOMA store, and so on. They are also cozy restaurants and it is located in front of the ever mentioned Omotesando hills.

The name of the building is a dutch word means, gyre, which means vortex or turning and it make sense considering the outside shape

In this link more pictures. The original name of the founders made up the studio name (Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries). A video in english sport their approach within the current activity all around the world. You would not regret to spend 5 minutes for watching it.


…the gallery

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