PIAS GINZA 4-8-10 、 Kume Sekkei, 久米設計



During the same day of the Tokyo Marathon in downtown Ginza I saw this twisted tower and I couldn`t resist to take some shots. They are a very well known and established company in Japan. Here is their official homepage, you might want to check it out.

It seems they learnt the lesson from Kengo Kuma for this design or maybe I am just influenced by the contemporary thoughts. Anyway it is a clever way to make things interesting. I hope you like it. I shot also some details about the system they used.  Here below some data from this blog.

銀座4-8-8 店舗・事務所・駐車場
構造:地下SRC・RC、地上S  直接基礎
高さ56m 工作物を含む高さ66m
着工予定H18年4月1日 完了予定H20年2月29日
施主:ピアスアライズ株式会社 (大阪

If you are interested in know more about PIAS, here is their link. Here instead a japanese blog about the same subject and others interesting towers. A note to the steel assembler is due.

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