LaLaport Funabashi Shopping Center, Lalaport Tokyobay

The most important feature of this huge Mall is the space dedicated to children. My wife has called the best ever. Borne Lunde are the makers of this Heaven for kids.

and it deserves the first picture. I assure it was more enjoyable than you can imagine from this shot.


The mall itself is located outside of Tokyo (we were technically already in Chiba prefecture), just in the proximity of Ikea (here are the directions).

I recall a long walk to go back to Ikea crossing a big road. In the beginning we took the Bus, it was a dedicated free shuttle

Dozen of shops sings were  saying there would be a new opening later in April (or was it March?). A nice food court with several tasty menu and so on. It was fun and a bit exauhsting. In their website there is also the history of the place from 1981, when started with 200 shops up to nowadays with 540! It is feasible you may find what you like there. I wanted to buy a dozen of ties.

Here an article describes the positive feelings about this centre. I could not figure out who were the Mal`s designers. Since may renovation are occured,they probabaly are several within the years.

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