LA Cittadella, Kawasaki city, The Jerde partnership

IMGP9962 I browsed a book called,

Malls & Department Stores, written by an european architecture`s historic researcher named Chris van Uffelen, published by Verlagshaus Braun in 2008 ( here the amazon link). Since I`ve been involved in Italy in several Mall construction sites (IKEA included), these still fascinate me. In Japan, I`ve been told, there are not so many as in Italy or as in northern Europe. Indeed inside this book I found only few ones. “La cittadella”  with this romantic name was among them. So I got on the train and I went there with my wife and child .

It is designed by this international project office called the jerde parternship, here their official terrific website. The site was owned by a brand in the movie industry, a multicomplex builder, named Misu according to  this article on a magazine. That`s why they choose the italian name of cinecitta`.  All the site is built with the intention to reproduce an Italian little mountain village. I think they did a great job and they fill the expectations.

We had also a nice italian meal for lunch in the trattoria (il pacioccone), who offered the convenient deal for all included with 1000 yen (a pizza costs usually alone more than that in Tokyo).  Here we are not exactly in Tokyo, but in the south direction just crossed the river that divides the prefecture of Tokyo from the Kangawa`s one where Kawasaki city is located. I guess from Shinagawa it takes less then 20 minutes to go there. So this is a bit off topic post, it is in Kanagawa, the same prefecture as Yohokama.

Better pictures than mine can be seen in this blog here. I would add only comment on the purpose of building such a theme park like that. Just a line to say that I was more inspired to go inside to see a movie here than anywhere else.

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Recently I `ve been hired to work as a Revit modeler inside a  japanese “sekkei” company. Among other good things,  one particularly is still surprising me.

On the back of my shoulder there is an architecture`s library really impressive. Every lunch time I go there to seek for things.


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