Tokyo Bunkyo Myogadani Aikido Bunkyo Sports Center by Otani Yukio, 大谷 辛夫 , 東京都文京茗荷谷合気道文京スポーツセンター

IMGP0963It was summer, hot and open swimming pool are not so many as expected in Tokyo. My so, also was still wearing diapers so they will stop Us to bath immediately if we have dared to enter.

We grab the opportunity to go to a little park, near Myogdani, were an open lake, sort of artificial pool has maden nearby an indoor one.

I found the architecture interesting. For sure it is back in the 70ies or even more ( a concrete fair indeed, the clock speaks for all). The people at the desk were gentle, even if the pool is reserved of the citizens of Bunkyo ward, they would not control your ID if you do not show it.

Although only complaints are written I found this blog with some information here. He postulate Otani was a disceple of K.Tange.

Not so much I found about the architect, here another building featured in Kyoto (Kyoto International Conference Center) by him. In another old post

by another blooger there are some more enthusiastic comments about this work in Kyoto. The blogger proclaim the design inspired G.Lucas for Star wars!Check it out.

HEre below some others details of ths Sports Center.

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