Is this the centre of Tokyo ? Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower – モード学園コクーンタワー

IMGP9432Sometime I feel it is a personal decision to assign the term of “Centre” to a city to a precise spot whether there is an established place or not.

In Italy is rather already been decided by the Romans, about 2000 years ago, when they  built their cities with the same manner. They to tracked on the ground a main intersection between two axes and from there the city around, there are no doubt about it. Often this was nearby a river.
That is why an Italian abroad is always seeking for the centre of the town, as if were the Romans have built the whole world!
This is not the case of Tokyo and many other cities .

After almost two years of living here, I think Shinjuku is the district that englobe the sheer magnitude of Tokyo. Among the spectacular things everybody can admire, the Cocoon is the most perfect one, like an ancient  stele in a Public square, where everybody has to pass by sooner or later.

Here the wikipedia voice, meanwhile the japanese one has some others interesting pictures.

Tange associates is the designer, and from the book I already talked here, I guess Tange`s son has played a big role in it.

Shinjuku will amazing you. I am planning some more posts about it.

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