Shiba koen front Tower , Matsuda Hirada 松田 平田 and Takenaka Corporation 竹中 会社

Posting picture of “just a tower”, especially if it is projected by a Corporation instead of an architecture’s firm, it could be perceived as off topic. I don’t care. Since I walk though the streets of Tokyo and when I find something well done – it doesn’t matter if it’s not an original idea – it deserves my attention. Or maybe it deserves for other reasons I would point out. It is the case of this subject. IMGP8947 There was this overhang about 20 floors, (total floors are 24) that you can see just in fore. I thought it was spectacular. It appeared to be a brand new building, fully empty, waiting for his reopening within days. this link says it has been built in 2010, this one provides you a floor plan, this one says they started in 2008. and the supervisor was the office of Matsuda Hirada (I guess we already met them). So I guess I was wrong…an architect’s office did it. here the link to the landlors or lenders.

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