renovation at Louis Vuitton flagship store in Ginza, by Jun Aoki 銀座、順 青木

This time I was on the top! It has been re-opened just few weeks ago. It’s not my aim to follow strictly the new things, but I like it when it happens, like the post on the new fantastic building in Omotesando recently. This is just a renovation of facade, that I guess it is due by the Japanese law every so years (10 or 15). Every building in Tokyo must accomplish the rule I heard, but I don’t know the details and where it is written. A Japanese architect should know it. The picture below was a wedding’s photo set along the streets of Ginza, I guess their beauty comes first… IMGP8909 then comes LV’s renovation, by Jun Aoki (here his official web site) I hope to find the pictures I shot at the previous coating soon to make a swift comparison. IMGP8873 A link to the shop inauguration on September the 13th. and this is the link from a blog that has nice night shots I advice you to check out. There you can see the light effects I couldn’t since I was there during the day. The coating is maden by metal pieces all different that realize an original frieze. A bit on the baroque side for those 3d effects, and maybe it is in the current trend to foster new complicate design instead of the long welcomed austere maxim “less is more”. This is not the case. Ginza, during Sundays, is a no-traffic zone, thus one can imagine how many people are there! Even weddings! It’s a kind of Sunday party every Sunday.

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I found at this wikiaddress the previous coating, which I recalled it as marvelous, on the web.


Last another shot of the maidens meanwhile they were leaving!


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