Coach Omotesando – OMA architects (R.Koolhaas) and Sugimoto (杉本) – building by Tange(丹下) and Obayashi 大林組

This is a complex, quite big, in the heart of Omotesando district. Brand new, I guess they inaugurated this Spring 2013.

The architects are quite famous, here the link at wikipedia, and this is their offical website. Originally dutch, they now have offices in New York, Paris, Bejing.

In this mall, shops featured are Armani, Nespresso, Coach, and OAK. I guess probably this international group decided to assign to a not japanese firm the building project, which is really

beatiful, My pictures are from the front , crossing the main gallery until the back, where many terraces and cute plants are visible. I am not sure if the OMA designed only the Coach shop or the whole building.

The name of Sugimoto ( 杉本 ) appears as an architectural reference for the project. Also Tange,(丹下) and Obayashi (大林組) (the constructor).

Here  there is a rendering of the front.

Here a nice gallery of the building, with details I did noticed during my visit at the place.

Here a nice blog kind of site  (neoplus 610) with some other architectural projects covered.

This seems to be the online page of a famous japanese architecture magazine,

Here are data of the building.

A nice article in japanese about the design.

Here the number of the review dedicated to new shops, called Shotenkenchiku.

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